General Trading Corporation

Fully Drawn Yarn

We are one of the reliable Exporters and Suppliers of Fully Drawn Yarn. Produced with optimum quality fabric and high-tech machinery, these Fully Drawn Yarns are manufactured as per the set quality standards. We offer the finest quality Fully Drawn Yarns and guarantee their colorfastness and fine finishing.


30D/18F BRT 50D/24F CAT 30D/14F
40D/18F BRT 70D/36F 35D/48F
51D/36F BRT 50D/36F BRT CAT 40D/24F
75D/36F BRT 150D/36FBRT CAT 45D/24F
76D/36F - 49D/24F
100D/36F - 50D/48F
120D/36F - 60D/96F
150D/36F - 68D/72F
150D/48F - 70D/36F
150D/96F - 71D/72F
300D/96F - 75D/72F
150D/36F DDLS - 75D/36F
- - 100D/96F
- - 68D/24F
- - 90D/48F
- - 100D/48F