General Trading Corporation

Drawn Textured Yarn

We are a prominent Exporter and Supplier of Drawn Textured Yarn across the globe. Drawn Textured Yarn is widely used in textile industry for weaving, embroidery, knitting, etc. We offer a wide range of Drawn Textured Yarns in different colors and texture. Clients can avail Drawn Textured Yarns from us at most reasonable prices.


150D/72F Super BRT 50D/36F Crimp 455 BRT Him
75D/36F TexQ 62D/36F Crimp 60D/36F Roto
150D/36F Tex 68D/36F Crimp 80D/36F Roto
300D/72F Tex 75D/36F Crimp 75D/72F Roto
2/80D/36F Lim 80D/36F Crimp 80D/72F Roto
80D/72F Lim 83D/36F Crimp 75D/108F Roto
2/80D/72F Lim 87D/36F Crimp 2/80D/72F Roto
150D/216F Lim 90D/36F Crimp 150D/48F Roto
2/150D/48F Lim 95D/36F Crimp 300D/72F Roto
- 100D/36F Crimp 2/300D/72F Roto
KOTA - 465 SD Him
30D Poly Black Kota - 640 SD Him
30D Poly White Kota - 2/80D/36F Lim
60D Poly White Kota - 80D/72F Lim
90D Poly White Kota - 2/80D/72F Lim
60 Catonic Poly Kota - 150D/216F Lim
- - 2/150D/48F Lim